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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine fulfill a need in the healthcare

Acupuncture ~ Oriental Bodywork ~ Chinese Herbs ~ Tai Qi
When a health problem occurs, there are many options for treatment. Humans have used herbal concoctions and massage techniques in some form to reduce discomfort and treat illness, in all likelihood, since our very beginnings. While disease ranges greatly in severity and seriousness there is usually a best or better treatment option.

For example, when you are sick with the flu you probably know not to go to the doctor. That a virus must run its course, and the doctor would tell you herself that taking antibiotics when they’re not needed does more harm than good. So, what is there to do but go home and suffer it out?

There is so much you can do! Some things probably come to mind are hot baths, hot tea, chicken soup, and vapor rub. Those are popular ways to relieve symptoms and treat a cold or flu. In recent years essential oils have become a favorite medium for using herbal medicines when you need something accessible, natural, and efficient.

The niche of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine in the healthcare industry is similar, it's there when you know or feel you could be healthier but conventional care offers limited diagnosis and treatment. Acupuncture surely isn’t magical but it works in ways that other types of medicine cannot, it fills a space.

 To see what it’s best at read through the information tabs on the website and the blog which has detailed information about commonly treated conditons.