What’s Your Destiny?

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What is your destiny? Written in heaven your life has a purpose or so says ancient Chinese wisdom. With clarity of thinking you ought to be able to talk with this part of yourself daily. There are two distinct parts to a human, since we live in both heaven and earth according to the philosophy there is a heaven part and an earth part. In Christianity for example, the higher self or heaven self, living by the mandate of heaven would mean talking to Jesus perhaps for guidance. Reba McCentire said she wakes up in the morning and says ‘God, what do you want me to do today?’

Whatever is your higher self, or higher power, this could even be a vision for living up to your ideal self or full potential, is critically important for your health. This isn’t intended to be dogmatic but it does rest on this truth that can be found throughout religions and cultures, that your life is for a purpose and there is something you came here to fulfill, and when out of alignment with this purpose your health will suffer. It may sound spiritual and is, that your life is a miracle and you have a purpose. Only you can know your true purpose. Your life is a creative process, lead by you! The is exciting, as well as sometimes scary. What great responsibility! A Zen poet said ‘it’s no small thing to be human,’ and Gandalf ‘with great power, comes great responsibility.’

How does this translate to getting acupuncture? When you come into the clinic it’s an active rather than passive process. The acupuncturist is there to help correct imbalances in the physical and energetic body. The ultimate path and goal of healing is led by the patient, rather than the acupuncturist. In our conventional medicine this may be the opposite when you go to the doctor. The western medical doctor is often seen as an authority who is going to have the answers or the right medication. If the treatment is for depression for example, it may not seem important that you’re are not living up to your potential, to your ‘heavenly mandate.’

The doctor typically does not guide patients in where they could be working harder towards fulfilling their destiny, or simply being more kind to themselves, making less excuses, and practicing radical self-care. That is something that the tools of holistic medicine can help enable you to investigate, decide, and act. I’m not suggesting that you are passive by habit, or that it’s an all out race to become the toughest, smartest, richest, or most popular. Yet we do struggle with these things, being stuck between passivity and over-striving. Where is the middle ground? This is what can be learned from Chinese medicine and yoga.

Holistic medicine doesn’t just mean ‘whole’ it, it also means ‘holy.’ There’s a calling on the wisdom of elders, sprit, and your deepest truths to heal. A non-denominational, non-dogmatic, all accepting, seeing of all the similarities rather than the differences kind of place. It can be adapted to any belief system, or background, and rests securely on the sustainable long held truths or humanity and the planet. My intentions are to enrich the public perspective that acupuncture and yoga are personal empowerment lifestyle skills, not just any single class or treatment. Coming from Spanx founder Sara Blakely, think about this, how do you talk to the universe?