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Who We Are

We are a unique team of specialists providing acupuncture and holistic lifestyle support. Committed to helping patients find flow in life and ease of body and mind, the connection between body and mind marks the completeness that is holistic medicine.

Our Practitioners

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Virgil Miller


Virgil has a Bachelors in Herbal Science, Bastyr University 2004. Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 2008, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I'm also an LAc., MAcOM. I graduated from The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2009.

Growing up in Colorado I spent a large majority of my childhood hiking in the mountains and communing with nature and plants. It was a natural choice for me to study natural medicine. My mom had been chasing me around the house with an echinacea tincture before I could speak! Nurturing and caring for life whether it’s plants or my patients is a lifelong passion, and I’ve helped thousands of Alaskan’s heal their body’s and their selves to the point life feels a return of hopefulness. It’s not the condition that I treat but the whole person, taking time and listening to my patients unique needs and preferences in how they’ll work towards the life they always dreamed.

It’s true that he can help with pain, tinnitus, seasonal allergies, skin complaints and many other regular and not so regular conditions. He sees these often in the clinic and can help, but my highest goal as a healthcare provider in the Mat-Su Valley is to start with individuals and build them up to the best they can be, and to be a haven of holistic medical and cultural wisdom.

When Virgil isn’t focused on patient care and other aspects of business, he can be found at home or out exploring nature with his wife and 2 daughters. His retirement (and vacation) dream is to spend his days hiking and wildcrafting, picking local herbs and turning them into medicines. He believed that the best herbs for us grow all around us, perfectly acclimated to the environment, adapted the same way our bodies are. It’s not uncommon for Virgil to combine a bear hunt with harvesting morel mushrooms, or fishing for salmon and saving the heads to make a fish stock! The multi-talented Virgil is also a highly compassionate practitioner, that takes ample time to hear patients concerns who’s calming presence is likely to be a refreshing change of pace from regular healthcare.

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Annette Mcdowell

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Interning at the Quest center in Portland, OR Annette developed a passion for substance abuse treatment, and the emotional trauma that often accompanies addictions. Having diverse interests Annette combines acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and music for transformational healing.  Becoming a mom taught her the insight into the needs of that of us human beings and she applies that wisdom to caring for her children, self-care, and treating patients. A sensitive and energetically aware practitioner, Annette meets others where they’re at in the flow. Soon to be studying to be certified to teach Yoga, with a focus in substance abuse and trauma therapy, as well as continually studying music, practicing, and performing to build community and spread healing energy. Catch her live singing and guitar playing at yoga classes or open mics!

Annette believes the Blues in a loose sense is a type of music that transmutes pain into beauty, and this principle carries through her yoga and musical life. Her aim is to provide a safe space for patients to tell their stories free of judgement and to be a partner in finding creative solutions to side-step the distractions that old and new traumas bring. The string of a guitar feels practically identical to the handle of an acupuncture needle, and whether playing music or needling acupuncture points Annette refines the energetic and harmonic muscle-to-spirit memory with continued passion. With a wealth of knowledge in emotional health, holistic medicine, and music and movement Annette wants to educate connections from students, patients, and coaching clients. If you are dedicated to becoming your ideal self, through true transformation, please contact us and schedule with Annette.